Actor: Robin Nicolle.

Director: Glen.C.Ganlley.

Production Year: 2021.

The Actor: Robin Nicolle. – What Inspired Him?

“Watching lots of movies was my thing while growing up, one of my favorites LORD OF THE RINGS is a piece I watched countless times.

To me,the best part of this movie was the battle of the return of the King and the Battle of Helms Deep in the two towers.

I Always felt like being watched on-screen acting just like I watched the stars in the Lord of the rings” Robin Nicolle says.

Honest Police Movie Review.

He holds an Advanced Diploma in Film, TV, and Theatre Acting at the Actors Workshop in Brisbane. Presenting before you the biography of Honest police’s main actor Robin Nicolle in this Honest Police movie review, we begin by giving you some info that you might be interested in knowing.

He started his acting journey with a short film called Detective. It’s a black and white project that he made when he was a student. In this film, he plays the main role of the detective that wants to investigate a murder. Continuing with his journey in acting, he made a short film called O’Hare about a boy dealing with domestic violence.

Followed by a short called Certainty and Doubt which he made with students at New York Film Academy in Sydney playing a reporter role who interviews people about religion. Robin Nicolle has performed in numerous theatrical productions like Drifting about a woman with Alzheimers and was cast in the web series a Hard Goth Life. where he plays Peter.

The new goth character is finding his place with his Goth friends. He secretly likes a girl but he is very shy and not confident enough to talk to her. There he thought about and wrote the Honest Police script which short has made its way to numerous film festivals and the I.M.A.F.F Awards winning the best short film award 2021.

The short was produced by Alternate Productions by director Glen.C. Ganlley an experienced independent film Director. In the short HONEST POLICE-The director played a small role, particularly at the beginning scene in the parking basement. Glen says, he wants to focus a lot more on directing and cinematography now.

This Drama short film shows how the police go way overboard by arresting people for very minor things and locking suspects away in places of their liking, not the police cells. The independent Australian actor acts in the role of the maniac policeman who arrests people for no good reason. When you take the time to look at this movie, you will begin to keenly look at the way some Cops execute their duties to see if they really follow the law while on duty. Frankly, we don’t always get to see movies of this theme, you get quite impressed by the idea, the storyline, and the overall production.

Honest Police Movie Review.

Based on the scenes in this movie, the acting and the production itself, the film actor and Director would not have gone away without being awarded the best short and best producer at the I.MA.F.F Awards 2021. We have no doubt about witnessing more of his films in the near future being awarded by many other Festivals around the world.

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