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The International Media Arts Film Festival is a global film festival, which selects and presents the very best in independent film as well as documentary films from around the world.

The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for filmmakers to present their work, to be recognized for their achievements, and for audiences to share the art.

We believe that audiences get educated about the diversity of cultures through film and that the festival brings together filmmakers from around the world under a unifying creative atmosphere thereby creating a sustainable filmmakers’ event.

Every year, the International Media Arts Film Festival (I.M.A.F.F) Awards its winners in all major categories of the film industry and public attention are given to the winner.

I.MA.F.F. is a highly respected and well-known independent film festival that takes place annually. The festival provides a platform for up-and-coming filmmakers to showcase their work and receive feedback from industry professionals. I.MA.F.F. also hands out awards in various categories, which helps to build buzz around certain films and attract attention from distributors. The event is truly global in scope, with attendees and participants coming from all over the world.

The I.MA.F.F Festival and Awards is an annual event that celebrates the best in independent film. This year, the festival will be streaming live to over 100,000 viewers around the world. The festival will feature screenings of some of the year’s most acclaimed independent films, as well as panels and Q&As with filmmakers and industry experts. We strive to screen and promote beautiful and thought-provoking independent films from all around the world.