Eric Roberts’ Eccentrically Quirky Advice for Aspiring Actors


Hey there, fellow thespians! Today, we’re delving into the wacky realm of Eric Roberts’ sage advice for all you aspiring actors out there. Known for his diverse filmography and many eccentricities, Roberts has some truly unique and hilariously entertaining tips to share. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to laugh your way into Hollywood.

“Embrace Your Inner Drama Queen”:

According to Roberts, aspiring actors should channel their inner drama queens and kings. He claims that the key to success lies in completely surrendering yourself to all things melodramatic. Remember, over-exaggeration is your weapon, and it’s time to let those emotions flow like a raging faucet! Bonus points if you can bring out your indecisive diva traits too.

“Master Skill of Fake Crying”:

Eric Roberts insists that fake crying is an indispensable talent for any actor. His unconventional advice? Carry a pocketful of raw onions everywhere you go. Whether you’re at auditions, rehearsal, or even just grocery shopping, be prepared to whip out those onions and start weeping on command. A little bit of onion breath is a small price to pay for stardom, right?

“Take Fainting Classes”:

Learning how to faint gracefully can add a touch of extra drama to any performance. Roberts suggests signing up for specialized fainting classes to perfect this pivotal skill. From the classic fainting fall to creative variations like triple flips, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you don’t confuse your acting lessons with those Zumba classes!

“Dress for Success…or Whatever”:

When it comes to dressing up, Eric Roberts’ fashion advice could best be described as “eccentric meets daringly casual.” He encourages aspiring actors to embrace their individuality by creating their fashion statement, even if that means showing up at auditions wearing a tuxedo with Crocs. After all, who says you can’t start a fashion revolution while pursuing your acting dreams?

“Never Say ‘No’ to a Role”:

According to Roberts, one should never decline any acting opportunity, no matter how bizarre or questionable the role might be. Remember, even playing a character who has an endless monologue about cat food can be the stepping stone to your big break. So, get out there and audaciously conquer each and every acting challenge that comes your way!


There you have it, folks! Eric Roberts’ hilariously unconventional advice for aspiring actors. Remember, acting is an art, and sometimes, you need to color outside the lines to make your mark. So, embrace your inner drama queen, fake cry like there’s no tomorrow, and faint with grandeur. And who knows, one day you might just thank Eric Roberts for all the divine wisdom that helped you pave your quirky path to Hollywood, You should read another article i wrote about >>>> Eric Roberts’ Current Relationship With Drugs and Alcohol to learn more.


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