What is the Mistake in Frozen?

What is the Mistake in Frozen?

“Frozen,” the 2013 animated musical film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its enchanting storyline, memorable characters, and unforgettable music. However, even in the most beloved cinematic creations, mistakes can occasionally slip through the cracks.

In this exploration, we will delve into the world of “Frozen” and uncover a particular mistake that may have gone unnoticed by many. Despite its brilliance, this film is not immune to the occasional oversight or continuity error. Join us as we unravel the mystery behind this cinematic misstep and gain a deeper understanding of the intricate process of creating a masterpiece like “Frozen.”

What is the Mistake in Frozen?

Certainly! While “Frozen” is a beloved animated film, it does have its share of minor mistakes or inconsistencies. Here are ten notable ones:

  1. Elsa’s Changing Braid: Elsa’s hairstyle magically changes from a traditional bun to a braid when she flees the castle. This change occurs without any explanation or visible transformation.
  2. Infinite Snow: In the same scene, Elsa creates a vast ice palace, but there’s no source of ice, snow, or water nearby that could account for such a large structure.
  3. Anna’s Missing Snow Clothes: Anna goes on a perilous journey to find Elsa in the mountains, but she lacks appropriate snow gear or warm clothing, which would be essential in such harsh conditions.
  4. Sudden Thaw: At the end of the film, the eternal winter is undone almost instantly after Anna’s sacrifice. In reality, it would take time for a kingdom frozen for so long to thaw completely.
  5. Inconsistent Powers: Elsa’s powers are shown as uncontrollable and dangerous initially, but she quickly gains full mastery over them with no explanation.
  6. The Mystery of the King’s Journey: The circumstances surrounding the King’s journey to the trolls remain vague. How and why he sought their help is never explained.
  7. Elsa’s Ice Castle Lock: When Anna arrives at Elsa’s ice castle, she finds the doors locked. However, Elsa had just fled the castle in haste without locking anything, making it unclear how it got locked.
  8. Anna’s Instant Recovery: Anna becomes frozen due to Elsa’s magic, but she thaws out rather quickly once she’s back in Arendelle. In reality, such extreme cold would cause severe and potentially permanent damage.
  9. Floating Lanterns in Arendelle: During the song “For the First Time in Forever,” we see floating lanterns in the background. This is a nod to “Tangled,” but it doesn’t make sense in the context of Arendelle’s setting and time period.
  10. Inconsistent Size of Olaf: The size of Olaf, the snowman, seems to vary throughout the movie. He appears much smaller when first brought to life by Elsa compared to his later appearances.

While these mistakes may be noticeable to eagle-eyed viewers, they don’t significantly detract from the overall enjoyment of “Frozen” for most audiences. The film’s compelling characters, enchanting music, and powerful themes continue to make it a beloved Disney classic.

What is the continuity mistake in the scene where Anna, Sven, and Kristoff are being chased by wolves?

In this scene from Disney’s Frozen, a continuity mistake occurs when Anna, Sven, and Kristoff are being pursued by a pack of wolves. The mistake revolves around the clothing worn by Anna.

At the beginning of the chase, Anna is seen wearing mittens, which she had put on before leaving Arendelle. However, in a subsequent shot, her mittens mysteriously disappear, and she is shown without them. This mistake in costume continuity can be easily missed but has been noticed by keen-eyed viewers.

What mistake did fans not catch in Frozen?

One mistake that often goes unnoticed by fans in Frozen involves the portrayal of Elsa’s powers. Throughout most of the film, Elsa’s ice magic is depicted as having the ability to instantly freeze objects and people upon contact.

However, there is a sequence during the song “Let It Go” where Elsa creates a swing from ice and sits on it without freezing it solid. This discrepancy in how her powers work is a minor inconsistency in the film’s magical rules.

What is the revealing mistake in the scene where Anna and Hans are dancing in front of the lighthouse?

During the romantic scene where Anna and Hans are dancing in front of the lighthouse, there is a revealing mistake. As they twirl together, Anna’s dress briefly changes color. It shifts from its usual blue to a darker shade of blue, and this alteration in her dress color can be seen as a continuity error in animation.

What are some other mistakes in Frozen that fans may have missed?

While Frozen is a meticulously crafted film, there are a few subtle mistakes that fans may have overlooked. These include minor animation glitches, such as characters momentarily floating in the air during action sequences or items shifting positions between shots. Additionally, some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted inconsistencies in the size and appearance of characters’ eyes throughout the movie.

What is the significance of Elsa’s communication with her ancestors in Frozen 2?

Elsa’s communication with her ancestors in Frozen 2 is a pivotal moment in the film. During the song “Show Yourself,” Elsa ventures into the Enchanted Forest and discovers a glacier filled with memories of the past. As she explores this magical place, she has a profound connection with her ancestors, particularly Queen Iduna, her mother.

This moment signifies Elsa’s deeper understanding of her powers and her lineage. It reveals that the source of her abilities is not a curse but a gift from the enchanted forest and her mother’s connection to it. Elsa learns about the importance of self-acceptance, self-discovery, and her role in bridging the gap between Arendelle and the Northuldra people. This revelation sets the stage for the resolution of the conflict in the movie.

What are some unanswered questions from Frozen 2?

Frozen 2 leaves viewers with several unanswered questions that contribute to the movie’s intrigue:

  1. The Origin of Elsa’s Powers: While the film delves into the source of Elsa’s powers, it doesn’t explain why she was born with them in the first place.
  2. The Nature of Anna’s Powers: Anna’s connection to the magic of the Enchanted Forest is hinted at but not explored in detail. What exactly are her powers, and how did she acquire them?
  3. The Fate of Arendelle: The movie concludes with the idea of a more harmonious relationship between Arendelle and the Northuldra, but the long-term consequences of this newfound alliance are not explored.
  4. The Future of Elsa and Anna: The film leaves Elsa in the enchanted forest and Anna as Arendelle’s queen. What adventures await them in the future, and will Elsa ever return to Arendelle?

What is the plot mistake in Frozen?

Frozen is generally praised for its tight plot, but one potential plot mistake revolves around the timeline of Anna’s freezing heart. In the movie, Anna’s heart begins to freeze after she’s accidentally struck by Elsa’s ice magic. However, the progression of this freezing process seems to vary depending on the scene. In some instances, it appears to advance rapidly, while in others, it seems to slow down. This inconsistency can be seen as a minor plot hole.

What is the mistake in the scene where Anna and Kristoff are singing “Love Is An Open Door”?

During the duet “Love Is An Open Door” between Anna and Kristoff, a mistake occurs in the animation. As they dance around a room filled with portraits, Kristoff accidentally knocks over a painting. However, in the very next shot, the painting reappears on the wall, seemingly undamaged. This continuity error is a minor oversight in the film’s production.

What is the mistake in the scene where Elsa is building her ice palace?

In the iconic scene where Elsa creates her ice palace atop the North Mountain, there is a noticeable mistake involving her gloves. After discarding her gloves early in the scene, Elsa’s bare hands are shown as she constructs the palace. However, when she ascends the staircase to the balcony, her gloves reappear on her hands. This is a clear continuity error in the animation.

What is the mistake in the scene where Olaf is introduced in Frozen?

When Olaf, the lovable snowman, is introduced in Frozen, he mentions that he loves the idea of summer. However, this is a mistake because Olaf was brought to life by Elsa’s magic, and she was unaware of the concept of summer when she created him. This inconsistency is a humorous nod to the film’s themes but can be considered a factual error in Olaf’s character development.


In the enchanting kingdom of Arendelle, where magic and love intertwine, “Frozen” remains a timeless classic for audiences of all ages. While it has warmed our hearts with its compelling characters, powerful themes, and enchanting melodies, it is not without its own set of flaws.

What is the Mistake in Frozen?

As we’ve uncovered in our journey through the snowy landscapes of Arendelle, even a cinematic masterpiece like “Frozen” can harbor the occasional mistake. But perhaps it’s these imperfections that remind us of the human touch behind the magic of animation, making the world of Arendelle feel all the more real. In the end, it is our love for the characters and the story that truly matters, and “Frozen” continues to melt our hearts despite any minor errors along the way. Consider reading >>>

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