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I.MA.F.F Awards Winners 2021/2022.

This is a complete list of all winners in all the award CATEGORIES – Year 2021/2022.

Honest Police – By Glenn Christopher Ganley.

34902 – By Adam Moses.

Black Bag – By Lee Foster.

Kids on Tech – By Paul Zehrer.

The Road to Eden – By Bakyt Mukul, Dast.

Rainbowland – By William Ulrich.

In a Whole New Way – By Jonathan Fisher.

Darking Way – By Zsolt Pozsgai.

Burgers, Fries & Family Ties – By David W. King.

Still Here – By Dreego Moore.


Wake Up With You – By He Shaowei.

There Are Mountains Underneath us – By Gabriel Stanger.


The Untold Story For Civil rights – By Ray Barron Woolford F.

The Exile Of The Sea – By Mauricio Brunnet.

For The Love Of Noise – By Allan Cross.

Looking For Her Soulmate – By Rachel Patrice Perkins.

The Musicians of Toubab Dial – By Erik Ahlbäck, Karin Malm.

The Jook’s On You – By Ashley Kimmet.

Just a Body – By Romi Sarfaty.

Seeds – By Juan Cheng.

Living Through It – By Daniel E. Kennedy.

The Road Less Cycled – By Nathan Rice.

Sphere – By Wataru Iwata.

Swimming Against The Current – By Aminah Salaam.

Happy – By Ivan Rodin.

Meneze – By lisabeth Essodong.

Missy Jubilee 175 BEAUTIPH – By Miss Jubilee.

Diana Web Series – By Peter Koevari.

On The Stage – By David Nguyen.

Sweet Vacation – By Phillip E. Walker.

Spirit,Light and Love – By Phillip E. Walker.

Santa Guerra – Holy War – By Samantha Casella.

A Survivor Amongst Survivors Part 1 – By Alfred Samuels.

Wills – By by Ignacio Ferreyra.

Time – By by Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser.

Writing About A Love – By by mario roccato.

Secrets Of The Annunaki – By by Chris Micallef.

Chaos – By by Makarand Purohit.

Edgar Palm en Otrabanda – By harrie verstappen.

Creators – By Harrie Verstappen.

The Man With The Eye At The End Of His Finger – By Guy Newmountain.

TUTOPIQUE #COMPANY – By Maurice Huvelin.

Black History Month – a Phillip E. Walker Memoir 2022 – By Phillip E. Walker.

The Song Of Songs – By by André Goldberg.

America Boxed In – By by Lance Hoovestal.

All the Above FILMMAKERS Have won Awards from us in the previous years and there movies are continuing to receive promotion as we speak now. A word of thanks to the team of experts from the International Media Arts Film Fest Awards – CONGRATULATIONS FOR MAKING IT THIS FAR!