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I am a film and media practitioner for over a decade. I have achieved a great deal of success in my professional career.

Peaky Blinders

7 Reasons Why Peaky Blinders is a Must-Watch

In the murky shadows of post-World War I Birmingham, a saga unfolds amidst smoke-choked streets and razor-sharp[…]


Celebrating Excellence: A Cinematic Triumph at I.M.A.F.F Awards Film Festival 2023

Dear Distinguished Filmmakers, In the resplendent tapestry of cinematic brilliance, where imagination intertwines with storytelling, you have[…]

film industry conferences

Film Industry Conferences

The film industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies, trends, and creative ideas emerging on a regular[…]

Filmmakers Networking Events

Filmmakers Networking Events: Building Connections and Creating Opportunities

Filmmakers Networking events have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to[…]

Filmmaking: The Art of Distribution & Marketing - Behind the Scenes

Filmmaking: The Art of Distribution & Marketing – Behind the Scenes

The Importance of Distribution and Marketing in Filmmaking Movies have the power to transport us to different[…]

Emerging Trends in Film Industry: Navigating Beyond the Screen

What Are the Emerging Trends in the Film Industry? The film industry is a dynamic and ever-changing[…]

The Pandemic and Film Industry Trends

The Show Must Go On: How the Pandemic Has Transformed Film Industry Trends The Pandemic’s Impact on[…]

Emerging Trends in the Film Industry | Reel Forward

Reel Forward: Exploring the Exciting Emerging Trends of the Film Industry The Evolution of Cinema: An Introduction[…]

Tech Advancements’ Impact on Film Industry

Technological Advancements Impact on the Film Industry The film industry has undergone a significant transformation with the[…]

Reel Vision: Future of Film Industry

Reel Vision: Navigating the Future of the Film Industry The Magic of Films: An Introduction Movies have[…]

Major Players in the Film Industry

Major Players in the Film Industry

The Importance of Major Players in the Film Industry Introduction The film industry has always been a[…]

Cinema's Significance in Modern Entertainment

Cinema’s Significance in Modern Entertainment

The Importance of the Film Industry in the Entertainment World Introduction: Lights, Camera, Action The film industry[…]

Explore the impact of streaming services on the film industry, from changes in production to audience behavior, and predictions for the future.

Cinematic Bliss at Your Fingertips: Exploring the Ultimate Movie Streaming Services Guide!

Streaming services have revolutionized the way we consume media in recent years. It has become increasingly popular[…]

Challenges Facing Film Industry Today: Navigating Obstacles

Challenges Facing Film Industry Today: Navigating Obstacles

Lights, Camera, Obstacles: Navigating the 20 Significant Challenges Faced by the Film Industry Today An Industry in[…]


Erica was a passionate filmmaker and all she ever wanted to do was make art – no[…]